Friday, November 8, 2013

Here we go Team Lentil!

I'm still in a whirlwind. Still trying to get organized and make this unplanned phenomenon something big. Not "big" monetarily- but "big" emotionally. I want to do it "right" for the kids. Something is there, and I'm determined to find it!
I said to my Mom the other night that I now feel as though I'm a "stay at home mom who scrambles in circles constantly". I love it- don't get me wrong- but I have guilt, in not being able to physically work daily in my shop and rescue, as I always had and also personally-in that as much as my life (I feel has come full circle) is falling apart. My mind races constantly with ideas (that's normal for me)- but finally....I feel as though these racing thoughts can become reality because we have a Team!
The idea behind these (somewhat vague) posts I'm making on Facebook to compile a database for our kids is this...

I feel as though all of us who follow Lentil want to help..but maybe we don't know how?!  We are trying to compile information on children that follow us daily- who are inspired by us- and then move forward to incorporate ALL of our Team to participate in sending whatever they choose to- for birthdays or upcoming surgeries- to inspire these kids and show them that the world cares!  We will make care packages and forward them on to the children!  Everyone will have the opportunity to play any part they choose to!  
On a second note- for these children- I'm working on "Lentil's Lucky Charms". Each child that signs up will receive a bag and a team lentil "starter" charm...along with a form for parents to fill out on passed procedures that each child has gone thru (so we can get each child up to date).  We will make different charms to correspond with different procedures (ie- MRI, shunt, lip repair). The kids can "collect" these and be able to one day, look back and see all that they've accomplished.  This is all in the
works...and one way or another- it'll happen!  We are Team Lentil!  
I'm excited for the future..who knows what it will bring....when he was my tiny little Bean, sitting in the palm of my hand- I made a pact with Lentil...."I will always stand strong by his side, and do everything in my power to keep him safe...but I will never put him in a situation that would expose him in an uncomfortable or stressful manner."   I want to meet everyone, and somehow I will....I (and really, WE) need to just always keep our Lentil's best interest in mind first!  We, alone are one, and that's ok in a pup's mind...but to enter a room of hundreds of "ones" that want to squeeze you, takes a toll!  I have faith in all that we do together...and we will find a way- while keeping our boy's best interst in mind!  
Here we go (again)!  We are making this a reality!!! Together- somehow- each day is The Best Day Ever!!!