Saturday, March 23, 2013

7 weeks! what a blessing!!

I'm so happy to say that I turned 7wks old today!!  I weighed in this morning at 3lb 5.4oz!  That's almost a full 3lbs more than when I was born!!  (I was only 5.78oz when Foster Mom took me into her care). 

I have a consult scheduled at University of Pennsylvania on April 29th.  Dr John Lewis is so nice....and Foster Mom told me that he is an awesome Doctor!  He has tons of experience with correcting animals who were born just like me!  We are so grateful to have him on our side.  He is confident and determined to make me healthy....just like Foster Mom!  She says that he is gonna be great to add to our team! 

I still can't get over this attention that I'm getting!  I'm just so grateful to all of you.  Your generosity and support has been unmatched by anything that Foster Mom has ever's just incredible.  I love that I am able to make so many people (from all over the world) come together.....and smile!!  The love is amazing. 

Foster Mom has been working around the clock with my feedings and care- so she wanted to apologize that her emails/thank you letters have gotten backed up!  We are just so grateful and want all of you to know that!  We appreciate each and every one of you...and all of your comments/emails/kind words.  Foster Mom doesn't ever want any of you to feel as though you aren't a part of our family.  All of this love and support is a huge part in what is bringing so much good energy to my environment and helping me to succeed! 

So this week- I dedicate my Birthday wishes to all of you!!  thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!  xoxoxox  I feel that even though I have so many odds against me....I am the luckiest puppy in the world!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

6 weeks of feeling awesome!!!

Wow.  6 weeks.  If I do the math, I have now tube fed this baby about 396 times!  It's been a ton of work, and a massive amount of stress....but I wouldn't trade it for the world- any of it.  It still blows my mind that it seems as if the tiny puppy has taken over the internet!  Buzzfeed?!  Huffington Post?!  Now NY Daily News?!!  For years, I've been doing rescue work, and doing all I can to help special needs animals...and now, this tiny Bean comes into my life, and is getting more press in his 6wks on Earth that I have in my lifetime!  Good for him.  He deserves it.  He deserves all of the love and support that is being brought upon him.  That long as people remember the reason we are here.  We are dog rescue.  We are the people who open our hearts to offer a chance to these "unwanted" babies.  One animal at a time...we attempt to make a difference.

I have always looked at Lentil and wondered the reason that he is here.  I (personally) believe that every being is here to make some sort of an impact, or a difference in the world....we all have a purpose.  I'm not sure that I know yet what Lentil's purpose will be in the future, but one of the most beautiful things that seems to be unfolding is his connection to people that are facing the same issue that he has!  I've gotten the most beautiful emails from mothers, who's children were born with cleft palates. The stories of their fights, their heart aches and their celebrations just amaze me.  One woman, Alison, wrote that her daughter Rachael and her have been following our story.  She told me that she's shared him on Children's Craniofacial Association or CCAkids. Her email stated "Rachael and I have chatted about how much a puppy or baby with a cleft or other facial difference is viewed as adorable but when the child gets older and is dealing with peers - they are often made fun of and viewed as 'not so cute anymore'."  The truth behind that statement went straight through my heart.  Maybe THIS is part of Lentil's purpose?!  Perhaps he is meant to help to break down this barrier of how horrific people can act towards one another!  Only time will tell....but I can assure you....I will be sure that Lentil finds his way :)

This is the beauty of Lentil...and the beauty of rescue and humanity :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

5 weeks and counting!

Yesterday we made it to 5wks!  I apologize in advance because I haven't been on here much....the start of the "fan page" for Lentil on Facebook has taken me to place that I never thought that I would be!
As his foster mom- I'm trying to do everything...all at once.  My main concern is keeping him alive, but when I post a pic and within minutes he has over 100 "likes" it really does to help to keep us going....
I know in this "adventure" that Lentil and I have together- that we are never really alone...FBRN has been more than generous/welcoming/supportive to any of our needs.  I couldn't have asked for a better rescue to be looking over us. 
It's funny...when I agreed to foster this baby, I never would have thought he would have such a huge following!  It's amazing that this little bean- in such a short time- has such a huge online family.  This blog is where I wanted to be able to give the truth of my fostering.  So many times in the rescue world- things are "sugar coated"-   It always amazes me when people do as such...because in reality....all of us in the rescue world are (or should be) working to "close" down....right?!  The day that I don't have dogs to fill my own adoption center with- it'll be a good day :)    Don't get me wrong- I'd never trade a moment of my life for anything- but if I can one day close the rescue/adoption center that I've spent the better part of my life would be a really good day!
I'm not sure that I've ever "officially" introduced name is Lindsay- I'm 34 yrs old.  blah blah blah...cut the the chase--- well, there isn't much really....  I've worked with French Bulldog Rescue Network for the past few years- but I also run my own dog/cat boutique (Chic Petique) and have founded a nonprofit dog rescue (Street Tails Animal Rescue) here in Philly.  My heart lies with special needs animals....because in my eyes- they're the best!  (I guess that's why FBRN knew to call me).  On top of dedicating my life to Lentil at the moment-which is more than a full time job...I'm also continuing to work my other (2) full time jobs!  I'm trying my best to answer each and every email/message back in a timely manner- but I do apologize if it's taking a bit!  I just appreciate all of the support so much...and I want each and every person following us to know that.
My only concern at this time is that everyone is so overwhelmed by the cuteness of Lentil, that they are forgetting the severity of his condition.  It breaks my heart when I have to tell people that they can't visit or "play" with him.  It isn't me trying to be "mean" or "selfish"- it's for Lentil's best interest.  I want him to meet the world, but right now- he needs to meet the world through his blog and Facebook page!  Even taking his condition out of this- he is a baby- he doesn't have his boosters yet, and if god forbid he ever gets sick- he can quickly end up in the hospital.  My mission at this point- and also my "job" as his foster mom is to get him healthy enough to reach his point of his first surgery.  I'm overly cautious in all that I do for him- because I have to be.  I hope that all of you can understand this.  We all love Lentil- and because we love him, this is the way things have to be!  I look forward to seeing all of you online!  And I promise, I will continue to post as many pics/videos as I can...and also keep everyone in the loop with his medical stuff!  xoxoxo  On behalf of Lentil/FBRN and myself...Thank you for all of the love and support!!!  <3

Sunday, March 3, 2013

4wks old and feeling good!!

Sorry for the delay in our posting!  The new facebook page ( has been keeping us busy, as there are so many messages to respond to!  It makes me feel so good that Lentil has such a huge family! 
Yesterday our boy turned 4 wks old...and he currently is weighing in at 1lb 12.8oz!!!  He's huge!!  He gets funnier and funnier each day as his personality is developing!  He's still better at walking backwards than forwards, but I think over the next week that will change!!  Actually, I think LOTS will change...his teeth are coming in!!!  I've been dreading the day that his teeth makes me more nervous with having to tube him, but we are going to continue to just do things day by day.  My goal is to be able to feed him through his tube for as long as possible.  If needed, the doctors say that they can place an esophogostamy tube, but I feel that if there's a way to be able to cut out having to put him under, we should do that.  With a healthy bulldog, one worries about the aspiration risks under with Lentil, it's even more frightening.  I rather my life become more difficult so his can become a bit easier.