Sunday, March 10, 2013

5 weeks and counting!

Yesterday we made it to 5wks!  I apologize in advance because I haven't been on here much....the start of the "fan page" for Lentil on Facebook has taken me to place that I never thought that I would be!
As his foster mom- I'm trying to do everything...all at once.  My main concern is keeping him alive, but when I post a pic and within minutes he has over 100 "likes" it really does to help to keep us going....
I know in this "adventure" that Lentil and I have together- that we are never really alone...FBRN has been more than generous/welcoming/supportive to any of our needs.  I couldn't have asked for a better rescue to be looking over us. 
It's funny...when I agreed to foster this baby, I never would have thought he would have such a huge following!  It's amazing that this little bean- in such a short time- has such a huge online family.  This blog is where I wanted to be able to give the truth of my fostering.  So many times in the rescue world- things are "sugar coated"-   It always amazes me when people do as such...because in reality....all of us in the rescue world are (or should be) working to "close" down....right?!  The day that I don't have dogs to fill my own adoption center with- it'll be a good day :)    Don't get me wrong- I'd never trade a moment of my life for anything- but if I can one day close the rescue/adoption center that I've spent the better part of my life would be a really good day!
I'm not sure that I've ever "officially" introduced name is Lindsay- I'm 34 yrs old.  blah blah blah...cut the the chase--- well, there isn't much really....  I've worked with French Bulldog Rescue Network for the past few years- but I also run my own dog/cat boutique (Chic Petique) and have founded a nonprofit dog rescue (Street Tails Animal Rescue) here in Philly.  My heart lies with special needs animals....because in my eyes- they're the best!  (I guess that's why FBRN knew to call me).  On top of dedicating my life to Lentil at the moment-which is more than a full time job...I'm also continuing to work my other (2) full time jobs!  I'm trying my best to answer each and every email/message back in a timely manner- but I do apologize if it's taking a bit!  I just appreciate all of the support so much...and I want each and every person following us to know that.
My only concern at this time is that everyone is so overwhelmed by the cuteness of Lentil, that they are forgetting the severity of his condition.  It breaks my heart when I have to tell people that they can't visit or "play" with him.  It isn't me trying to be "mean" or "selfish"- it's for Lentil's best interest.  I want him to meet the world, but right now- he needs to meet the world through his blog and Facebook page!  Even taking his condition out of this- he is a baby- he doesn't have his boosters yet, and if god forbid he ever gets sick- he can quickly end up in the hospital.  My mission at this point- and also my "job" as his foster mom is to get him healthy enough to reach his point of his first surgery.  I'm overly cautious in all that I do for him- because I have to be.  I hope that all of you can understand this.  We all love Lentil- and because we love him, this is the way things have to be!  I look forward to seeing all of you online!  And I promise, I will continue to post as many pics/videos as I can...and also keep everyone in the loop with his medical stuff!  xoxoxo  On behalf of Lentil/FBRN and myself...Thank you for all of the love and support!!!  <3


  1. thank you for keeping us in the loop. I so applaud you for all that you do for animals, and for Lentil <3 Thank you.

  2. Yes ditto!
    It truly is a day at a time ........thoughts and prayers!
    You are so inspiring!!!!

  3. I absolutely agree with every word you just wrote! We are all on cuteness overload from Lentil and thank you for that! But MUCH more importantly, thank you for all you do for are there in the trenches fighting for him and that is priceless. I just appreciate you taking the time to let us have a peep into his life. He truly is a beautiful little boy and I am so sorry that he has to go thru all this. My prayers are there every minute of every day for you both.

  4. He has the cutest little nose. I think of you both often. Such hard work and it must be so gratifying. I also worry about him. So glad you are doing such s great job. I hope that one day soon he will get to put food in his mouth and enjoy it!

  5. Thank u Lindsay for everything u r doing for Lentil!! He is in a better place & will thrive in ur loving care. Im so happy he's found the perfect place to get the help he needs. Sending lots of love, support, & prayers from myself & my 3 rescue dogs, Sammy, Bear & Puma!!

  6. I am the Frenchie mommy to a cleft palate Frenchie that was added to our little family in 2011. He was surrended to a different Frenchie rescue group and when I picked him up he was almost two and had undergone the initial surgery to fix his palate. I know that he had a case of aspiration pneumonia when he was born and had a tough journey to get the point of adoption so as the recipient of a wonderfully fostered Frenchie with special needs, I have so much respect and admiration for opening your heart and home to little Lentil.

    I know our little Rudi received just as much love and care from his foster mom which is why we have such a happy lovable Frenchie boy today.

    Sending lots of prayers and happy snorts your way from Texas

    <3 Rudi, Sarah and Dave

  7. I have fallen IN LOVE with Little Bean. Thank you for sharing and for taking such good care of him. <3

  8. Thank you for your dedication and devotion to such a great cause. Just last week my 10 month frenchie was hit by a car and did not survive. Looking at Lentil's updates bring a smile to my face, which is hard to do lately. I look forward to more Lentil updates and reading about people like you that care so much.

  9. Precious! Great rescue, FBRN
    Benny & Lily

  10. Bless your heart for all you're doing for Lentil, but also all of the other dogs you have fostered. There is a special place in heaven for people like you :)

  11. Wee is rootin fur likkle Lentil Bean, him has an uber kewl Foster Mom dats fur sure, wee all nose yoo will gets him fits n strong fur hims surjurys. Wee will keeps yoo both in our prayers to Sirius

    Da K Krew

  12. We are are rooting for you Lentil! Your foster mom is truly a gift!! You have a whole online family praying for you!!!

    He looks like hes getting stonger everyday & learning to play- I was wondering if his clef causes him any pain? Thank you for all you do!

  13. What a cutie. Thank you for being a doggie foster. <3

  14. Thank you for the time you put into the facebook page - that's where I discovered Lentil - and into the blog. You certainly have your hands full. Lentil couldn't be in a better place, you are so devoted to him. Lots of prayer cover for little Lentil, and lots of love sent your way. We hope to see him thrive and avoid any setbacks as he grows and strengthens to the point where he can get surgery. I am wondering how his teeth will grow in and if he is missing any/many? I'll keep following this little guy's story. Thanks again for posting so many pictures and videos on FB and for writing on the blog. The story is inspiring.