Saturday, June 22, 2013

5 months. Amazing

In doing rescue work, we all know we have our good days and our bad. Today was my "limit" for my bad. 
I already feel guilty about not making a post surgery post...which- by the way- is in it's own way- a GOOD thing- bc all is going well. It's crazy- I look back- and STILL wonder about how everything- even though we had our moments- was "perfect".  
Surgery day- my world stopped. That's all I could say...but it was a beautiful "dance" of incredible drs that are probably sick of me hugging/thanking them- and it went without a "hitch"--- so ONE more time (as if it'll be the last- haha) THANK YOU!! And also thank you to all who were there with me- tied to the updates...bc you and I were there together. I look back- and before I could even process an update-it was being posted for our family. We did it!!!  TOGETHER!!  
There was never a time in raising our little man that I ever felt anything to be hard. I am blessed that French Bulldog Rescue Network entrusted me with his care.  But now- there are times that I question "hard". I did my job- and I still do!  That- as a mom- will never stop.  What I never signed up for was the way this turned into a "social media craze".  Don't get me wrong...I'd never change that for the world either...but one thing I think is forgotten at times is the fact that it was never sought after.....I've done this work for yrs- "the world" didn't friends did...and so did my neighborhood (who knew me)...but not the WORLD!   
I did what I did and I've always been happy doing it. I have the most amazing family within Chic Petique and Street Tails-- we are there for eachother- we step up where needed and we make it thru....small business, debt and good friends is all I've ever known--and I'm lucky for that!  
I sit here writing...rambling...bc I needed to...and in the background "tiny dancer" is Madison's "song"- first thing I heard when she passed away....and oddly enough- the first song I heard when I got into my car when they took Lentil back into surgery (had to lv the hospital to get my brain in order).  Funny how life works...."tiny dancer" will always "haunt" me in the best way's a sign that our beloved babies never leave us....
I may have lost anyone who even attempts to read this- if so- I'm sorry...but if you're still going- please know that I truly love all of you. 
I am so grateful for everything. I feel as though all that I've worked for, has come a way I could never have planned...but it's better than anything I could've ever asked for!
It made me so sad that it seems as if Facebook posts have been so critical that its taking the fun out of all of this. If you ask anyone that knows me- I have so much more to do than post updates on Facebook. I always think- "yikes- my bed sheets are exposed to the world!"  This is my private life...yet I've come to sharing my private my life with so many- that I now view as my family. So please know- I keep Lentil I do all of my need to criticize....we all have opinions- but I do and have done the very best that I can!  Does that make sense?!  Maybe so...but hopefully it does. We all have different ways of "living"-but we are all in this together...and through this one incredible pup- we can make a difference together! I've given my life to it. 
I don't want drama...I don't have time for it. I want to make a difference...and so I will continue to try...with the help of my friends and my amazing new found family!
And today...I (we) celebrate that our boy, Lentil, is 5 months old!!!!   Together- we have gone through so much!  He is here- he is thriving- and full speed ahead- we will do what we can to help animals and children--because- at the end of the day...if we can put a smile on a child's face...we've succeeded!  :). Love you guys...and love you Mom and Dad...I've given you guys (mom and dad) many "grand dogs"...I'm sorry there aren't grand kids involved...but Mom...what you've given to the countless children at Bright Beginnings is more than most can do in a lifetime.  YOU are what moves mountains.  I look at all of this- and honestly- if I can be even half of you and dad as Lentil's personal assistant- I can be happy. 


  1. You just keep doing what you are doing and don't worry about any negativity! You are a wonderful person!

  2. When I donated to the fund prior to Lentil's surgery, I did so not only as a gift to him but as a tribute to you and the gift that you've bestowed upon all of us. Not only am I referring to the gift of Lentil, but I'm referring to you and the gift of your warmth and compassion and good humour throughout what I'm sure are some incredibly trying days.

    Thank you for everything you do for Bean and for all the kids (human and otherwise) who you've touched. Thanks also for accepting the friend request on that site that shall go nameless ;-).

    TC. Love to you both.


  3. I hope that everyone who looks primarily at the FB page will be reminded of the long journey the Bean has been on and the struggles he has had and what he has overcome. Lentil looks like a "normal" healthy puppy now and people can forget his history.

    It would be ideal if people remembered that the FB page is intended to be encouraging and family-friendly ... if they didn't post things that were critical or negative or not-supportive. Let us all hope in the future that this will be the case in the future!

    Lentil is a healthy, happy and well-socialized puppy ... plus he's really cute. You've done a nice job in raising him and protecting him. We have no reason to think that you wouldn't continue to do so. I mean, he's your fur-baby!

    Be well!

  4. Lindsay, I have to go get some tissues.... You continue to inspire me. You are doing what you love and it is just amazing. You are not only rescuing fur babies but people to! May God bless you, Lentil, your friends and family and keep you safe! <3. The world needs more people like you. If we all try to be a little more selfless and more caring we are on the right path. Thank you for taking the time to share Lentil's story and yours with us. Love and prayers.

  5. Lindsay,
    Unfortunately there are negative people in the world and those who give their opinions BUT have never walked in your shoes!!! I am a member of Team Lentil and am awed by your strength, dedication and perseverance. You are an AMAZING woman and LOVED by thousands. I know it can be disheartening to read those negative comments but don't let a few bad apples mar your miracle work, not only with Lentil but all the babies you rescue. I am hoping to meet you one day and say this to you in person. Sending YOU and of course Lentil Bean hugs.
    Thank you for all the FB posts and making me feel like part of THE FAMILY.

  6. You are a wonderful person. It baffles me why people, total strangers, feel compelled to be so judgmental and hateful toward others. Try not to let it affect you, but I know it's easier said than done.

    I will tell you this...I had never heard of Lentil Bean until my boss, like me a huge dog lover and supporter of rescue, came into my office absolutely giddy and said, "You have to see this puppy", and directed me to Lentil's Facebook page. This is a woman in a high level position in our organization, and yet she was as giddy as a child over seeing Lentil's progress. I became equally giddy upon learning about him, and remain so. Checking the Facebook page and seeing new pictures and videos of him is one of my favorite parts of the day. My boss and I teared up watching him eat for the first time.

    Thank you for the work you have done, and continue to do, in rescue. It's people like you who help restore my faith in humanity. Please don't stop posting on Facebook and in your blog because some people have to make others feel terrible in order to feel good about themselves. As they say "haters gonna hate". Just remember that for every horrible person like that there are hundreds who think you're wonderful.


  7. It seems in most situations the *haters* are the ones who don't know what is going on, or who don't care to learn about the situation, because their opinion or critique is all that matters. Anyone who has followed Lentil's story knows that you are absolutely AMAZING Lindsay. You have been doing amazing work with rescue animals for years and I am so happy you are getting all this well-deserved love and recognition from your fans. You and Lentil are an awesome team and you are doing incredible, awe-inspiring things. You give so much and you ask for so little. Just remember the world is a better place because of you!

  8. Lindsay,
    When God entrusted you with Lentil he did so knowing you were a kind and loving person who gives their all to rescues and special ones who require more than some others. You have done an awesome job and God would not have given you the chance if he knew Lentil would not have been your #1 priority at the time. We all are so proud of you and Lentil and the work you have done to give our little boy and full life and to the drs who made that happen as well. I will never figure people out who have to say negative hurtful things, the only reason I can come up with is that their life is an unhappy one and they want to bring everyone else down with them. Please do not let them and continue on with what you do as there are more little Lentils out there who need ever loving care and love to get them through life as well. As others have said you and Lentil make an AWESOME team and many children and animals will be so grateful and thankful for your efforts.I have been a follower of Lentils from day one and have sat on pins and needles watching him with his struggles. I have shared everyday with my coworkers and now they are followers as well. I donated to your funds so that you could continue with your goals and would do so again. Please continue to post on FB and your blog as there are so many out here that love to read and see Lentil and Tabitha and as for the negative people ignore them....just know that God has given you a heart and that he is the ONLY one who can judge you!!!

    With lots of love for you and Lentil,
    Bonnie Coulbourne

  9. 1st .. Happy Birthday Little Bean! Lindsay I am in aw of all that you have done and will do. I only wish I could be half the person you are. I have to say that this blog is where I found you and Little Bean. It took me a WHOLE day to read this blog...I had to stop many times because I could NOT read through all the TEARS. I was trying to understand what you was going through and I just thought WHAT AN AMAZING WOMAN! I am sorry to say but it took YOUR LITTLE BEAN for me to know who you was and what you was about and I THANK him everyday for this. I hope one day to meet you two. I know why your parents are so proud you, YOU are SELFLESS, caring, understanding (even when other would not be) and I could go on forever and have never met you:) Just be you! You DO NOT have to explain anything! We are ALL just THANKFUL that you are sharing this journey with us! I pray that it stay FUN and I never will understand "HOW ONE LITTLE BEAN CHANGED THE WORLD" but I am glad I got to be a part of it! I wish you, your fur family and family the BEST LIFE HAS TO OFFER! Love, Tracey XOXOX

  10. Hello, Lindsay; I'm afraid I was introduced to your site much later than most of your readers.
    It has been such a blessing hearing Lentil's story, going back and watching this amazing process of the sacrifices and struggles and victories to help your little Lentil Bean become, as "they" say, normal. I have met a lot of dogs in my life and personally I've never met a normal dog. I have, however, been introduced to a lot of special dogs and I would say that Lentil is definately special. Like what has been stated here through many comments, of your sacrifice and commitment to this little guy......and in
    What is being stated in these positive comments are truth. Truth upon truth upon truth that is unpenetrable. So when a negative comment slips in it can do nothing but fall from their own lips down to the dirt in front of them. So the negative phrases hold no merit and definately no water. Almost as if they themselves had a malady of a cleft pallet. Hmmmm.
    Any way, we will, all of the supportive, be on the edge of our seats waiting to see what your precious Lentil Bean will be up to next.
    Best wishes, truly.

  11. Lindsay , you are a remarkable woman to have gotten Bean this far . He has heart but you are the driving force. A force of nature :) I have been an animal lover since I was little .My dad is the guy that all animals instantly trust and love. Many strays were brought to us and dad kept them all - dogs,cats,a tortoise , a crow....... We had a mini zoo :) Following your story on FB has been a joy. On surgery day I held my breath and prayed ( which I don't normally do ). You give so much to Bean and all of his crazy followers.None of us can truly understand your sacrifice of time and worry and lack of privacy as you put your life out there for the world to see. Everyone has opinions but unfortunately some don't know how to say them nicely and when they should just keep them to themselves .You are a great mom and protector and always have Bean as your priority. The vast majority know this and support you. Best of luck always to you and the Bean <3 Karen

  12. I share Lentil's story with everyone. My dog even knows Lentil's name because every time I see a post (like a total fan-girl) I scream "LENTIL!" Anything that anyone does in the public eye will get criticized by people who are just unhappy with their own lives. Instead of doing something cool or interesting they love giving their "advice" to people who are doing just fine. Don't like miserable people make you miserable. You've put smiles on literally THOUSANDS of faces, there aren't many people (or pups) who can say that. You make my day better, you make a lot of people's lives better from simply posting a post, not to mention the tireless work you are doing to help kids! Sometimes things unfold in way you never would expect, know that for the 90 who want to meddle and complain there are 90,000 who've got your back. You rock so hard and I admire everything that you're doing. P.S. Also allow you're self to take a little well-deserved time away from the computer if you feel you need it.

  13. There must be something special in you, if you've been able to involve so many people; there must be something special in Lentil, no doubt! Every morning I need to see Lentil's face before going to work; every night I need to read the last Lentil's post before going to bed. And I dream to fly to Philadelphia just to meet him! I don't know why, but you make me feel better! (Please, forgive my English...)

  14. Lindsay, no other person on this Earth could take better care of Lentil. I wish there was something I could say or do to help you shrug off the thoughtless critical comments. With so many people following you on Facebook it's bound to happen sometimes but know that the vast majority absolutely love you both and wouldn't trust ANYONE else to care for the Bean as much as you. XO

  15. Lindsay,
    I'm sure you know you have gone above and beyond what a LOT of people would have for lil' Bean. As for the negative people, I would guarantee they are negative in just about all of the aspects of their lives. How sad. There is so much joy to be had, ESPECIALLY being able to see Bean's joy and happiness. If you can't find joy in that, you won't be able to find joy or happiness in anything! Again, how sad. So just pity them, and let it go. You have more important things to focus on, like your friends, family, and Bean! :D

  16. Keep up the AMAZING WORK!!! There will ALWAYS be people trying to put you down but know that 95% of us out there know what an AMAZING PERSON you are. Thank you for all your hard work and taking care of lentil and spreading awareness! You are without a doubt AMAZING. Your parents and fans are proud of you!

  17. I received my Team Lentil t-shirt today (I love it!!!) and I saw the Lentil website on the return label. As I was typing it into my computer, your blog also popped up. I just read your blog from this past weekend in June. How could you think anyone would turn away after reading it? I had happy tears by the end. I want to support you even more now, Lindsay! You expose yourself personally more than most people ever will. Some days, I read mean people's comments on FB and an hour or so later, I see Bean smiling at me. What you're doing is what you were meant to do. You're an extraordinary person with a willful mission! THANK YOU!!!

  18. Lindsay, goodness I had no idea the pressure you were under, I just find myself loving that little bean more and more every day. He is such a little trooper and you are the Bestest Mommy he could ever to hope to have. I was thrilled to hear you got to be his permanent and forever Mom.

    You are a person in addition to Lentil's Mom so please don't take what others say to heart, they have no idea. Also, please don't allow yourself to feel pressured to Facebook so often, you are entitled to a Life as well. Good Luck and I am proud of both of you two!

  19. Lindsey.... I've been part of Team Bean since the 3rd week. I marveled at the tiny little baby, laughed at him playing with Tabby, cried when he finally ate real food and felt proud that such a little puppy could bring so much love to children who need a little extra love. What you are doing is so unselfish. Why people feel the need to criticize anything that they know nothing about is beyond me. I manage a large Facebook page and found that the bigger it got the more people came to the page to say unkind things. Don't hesitate to block people who are not truly part of loving what you and Lentil are doing. You have so much to give... there is no need to even entertain people's opinion who do not know and understand what a journey this has been. Stay strong and I'm so happy to see little Bean every morning, it makes my day. But you also have to live your life... so don't let Facebook own you. Find a little balance... Team Bean will understand.

  20. Thanks for your sweet honesty. I came late to your story. I'm one off those you picked up in the viral Internet. But i love seeing and hearing about Lentil. We have a Boston Terrier rescue who is a one-eyed wonder. They are all so resilient, these wonderful pups. Thanks for you're efforts on their behalf.

  21. Im sitting here with tears down my face. I like you have done this a long time with the only ones really knowing is myself and a few close friends. I foster and rescue because I love to. You have a special boy with you that can do so much good for so many. Dont worry about any haters they are just jealous. What you do with Lentil inspires me to do more. Hes an amazing little boy who loves you and the children he helps. Keep fighting mama he deserves it.

  22. I came late to the Lentil show as well. And I must say,he is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Just seeing his cute little face makes my day. With that said, I know it is sometimes easier said than done, but try not to take critical comments to heart. You cannot please everyone all of the time. So, keep loving your friends, family and animals and lay your head down at night knowing that you are doing a wonderful thing.

  23. I have been following Lentil and Leslie from the beginning. I can't imagine a day now without that sweet face and antics. Leslie, what you did for him was truly a miracle. Without you, he would not have lived 5 days. I especially appreciate the focus you have brought to these children ( and adults) who have cleft lip and/or palate. This runs in my family. My sister was born with both and it is unbelievable the cruelty she endured growing up. Thank God someone has brought some awareness to this cause. These negative comments come from people who would probably bully these kids. Don't let them get to you, they will make you stronger in your commitment and absolutely know you are doing the right thing. I hope to meet you some day! Please keep the FB posting, I don't think I could bear a day without that sweet toofie smile! Xoxo

  24. I'm so sorry that people are being so cruel when you are doing such a good thing. People feel they can openly judge and critic anyone they please and tell them they are living their life "wrong." I don't have a famous pup and people still tell me how to raise my two dogs, they are pretty great dogs btw. (My mom says it is the same when raising kids too). If you have to stop the FB posts I would be sad, but I would understand, you have a life going on, family, friends, a business, several charities, etc. You should do what is right for you and yours, and try to ignore those who only have hate. I know it is easier said than done, but I hope that the kindness and supportive comments can help. And def Lentil and your other pets love will help, because dogs are just...well the best! Which is why you helped Lentil in the first place. :)

  25. Lindsay, you are the kind of person who restores my faith in humanity. What a job you have done with Lentil! He along with your other animals have soo much love for you and I hope you can enjoy it! From what I see through the social media you are the kind of person others strive to be like, kind, caring, selfless! The work you do with Lentil, kids, other animals is definitely not something to be criticized but instead commended! If we all lived our lives more like you the world we live in couldn't help but be a better place! Thank you for all you do, thank you for giving me hope, thank you for just being a good person, thank you for the tears, smiles and laughs I have shared through your pages! Wishing you peace and lots of slobbery puppy kisses from an incredible Bean and the rest of your brood!

    Love and admiration from Sara in California

    1. I absolutely concur with Sara. I just found Lentil's Facebook page last night and read every last word! Such a Godsend you are. Only 24 hours into following you & Lentil and I'm hooked :)

  26. Love you Linsday and Lentil and the rest of your furry friends! You all continue to bring smiles and inspiration to so many! You are an amazing person Lindsay and what you have done for Lentil as well as the many other furry friends you have helped is truly a wonderful thing. There will always be someone who has to be negative and those types of people don't even deserve a second thought. Keep up the wonderful things you do and thank you for sharing your life and Bean's, Tabitha's and Luella's with us! It makes my day! ♥

  27. My daughter turned me on to Lentil back on April 6th... After reading about him I, I began to cry knowing what he is going through because as a child who was also born with a cleft lip and palate and also had to be fed with a syringe till I was 3 months old. I support the work you have done with Lentil and have been a huge follower since.. You are such a caring person to have take on such a task to be a mom for him and get the necessary care that he needed. I would love to come to your establishment and see al the wonderful things you do for all the animals you care for and to meet Lentil! Best wishes and hugs to you for all that you do now and in the future.

    Peggy Johnson from Mechanicsville, Maryland

  28. I believe that all should humble themselves and learn from our canine teachers. Even if they are treated poorly - they love. When they are criticized - they love. When they are completely misunderstood - they love. Should they anger it is soon defused, and...they love. Thank you Lindsey - for YOU understand the lesson.

  29. Lindsay, I haven't read any of the critical posts but wanted to tell you how much I enjoy seeing Lentil's face every morning on my screen and knowing all you're doing in the background. You have added a new dimension to my life - a renewed appreciation for the under-appreciated and joy in seeing pups grow (I'm a cat person). Thank you, Linda C.

  30. Dear lentil....u r an inspiration, not only to those u represent but to me...I haven't been on facebook in a long time...and a few days ago I went on a whim...u were the first thing I saw...I've been reading all about u, u and eo around r awesome...I've had a whole lot of medical issues and personal ones for the last year...but, u have given me something no doctor could...a whole new outlook, and a renewed ambition to work harder at healing...anyway I spoken long enuf...ur an amazing puppers...if I could I'd like to meet ya...I have five crazy pups...animals have always been in my life and I'd like to shake ur u and ur mom, love ya...damie larson

  31. Oh boy I had this long touching message for you and bean and my phone skipped forward and I lost it!!!!
    I just wanted to say thank you so much. For everything you do. And for being such a perfect mommy to Bean. I am going to stop in next time I am passing thru your town and introduce myself. I live in the Poconos right by the NASCAR race track. also thank you so much for the shirt and mylittle lentil hairs :) I think there may have been one or two tabby hairs as well haha sweet dreams and love yous :) Dana Hay Hay