Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a fun-filled special day!

Foster mom had me out and about all day today!  I had to take a ride with her to Hope Vetertinary Specialists because one of the Street Tails dogs had to go for a recheck....he was a very loud beagle pup who was hit by a car a few weeks ago!  The doctor said he is now ready for his home!  Yay Fenway!!

While we were there, mom tracked down her all time favorite Critical Care Doctor...Dr Donahue (who saved mom's Madison Rose years ago when she was in ICU with pneumonia) so she could listen to my lungs.  Great news- so far, so good!!  I knew I was ok (and I'm pretty sure mom did too)...but she always likes to double check anyway!

When we arrived back home there was a package waiting- WITH MY NAME ON IT!!  My first package!!!  It was such a great thing to come home to!  So this post goes out to Fudgie Bunny and her mama, Laura!  Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! 

As you can see....I love everything that they sent.  Foster mom posted a video on my facebook page ( if you'd like to check it out.  I took my first step FORWARD just to get to my new toy!  Facebook is fun in that manner....I can post videos! 


  1. LOVE that you came home from a hard day of work with mom to a care package. You have so many followers and extended network of people that are pulling for you! Glad that mom's dr got to have a good listen to your vitals and all checked out. Means mom is doing the RIGHT STUFF...(insert NKOTB reference joke here) LOL!!

    Enjoy the loot and sending good wishes or care and comfort.

    We Heart You!!