Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cornell University- Here we come!

17 days old and 14.6oz!  Our little bean is growing up!  As you can see from the pic, he's already outgrowing the bowl that I weigh him in each morning!  Sorry it's so blurry....he's an active little pup! 

Everything seems to be on track-thankfully-with his feeding, growing, and development...now to look a bit more closely into planning out the future for his medical care.  Lentil and I will be taking a road trip this Thursday to meet with the doctors at Cornell University to figure out a game plan!    We promise to take lots of pictures and update everyone along the way!   This first visit will only be a consult...most likely any surgery won't take place before he's 6-12months, but I would like to be able to have them meet Lentil and answer my million and 1 questions that I have bouncing in my head! 

Each day becomes more and more of an adventure when it's feeding time!  Since Lenny's eyes are open, he's at the point that he sees me...then sees his orange tube and he starts his kicking and snorting--being all excited that he is "eating".  It's getting tough to keep him from pulling the tube out of his stomach!  (don't worry...I have it under control)!  What an adventure!


  1. I've got people up that way so if you have a need let me know. Good for baby, enjoy the road trip. Susan Weinman