Friday, February 22, 2013

Making every day the best day ever!

I spent the entire ride back from Cornell trying to figure out how to put
into words what is now going on in my head after his consult.  The Doctors
were amazing, and all of them are on board with our fight, but they are
all extremely concerned with the severity of little Lentil's deformities. 
Somehow I was lucky enough (or probably bc it's that I don't take my eyes
off of him), but I was able to get a very clear photo of a yawn (below). 
This photo was able to give the doctors a better idea of what is going on.
The main concern, at this point, is getting Lentil to the age where
surgery is even an option.  (9-11months).  I'm still waiting for the time
line they are going to send, but basically his game plan is at 6-8wks he
will go in for an esophagostomy tube which will allow me to feed without
going through his mouth.  This is step one.  As he grows more and more, he
will have to go for a CT scan- which is when they will be able to see just
how bad the soft palate really is.  The first, of probably multiple
surgeries, will be between 9-11 months.

With any bulldog, the risk of aspiration is high, but with Lentil, it's a
constant fear.  He has zero protection to his trachea.  So every feeding
has to be perfect.  One cough, one sneeze, one wrong move on either of our
parts can be detrimental.  I feel as though I have the weight of the world
on my shoulders.  He has so many people following him, rooting for him,
and loving him...and we are so grateful.  I refuse to give up.  I told him
when we met that I would take him as far as he is willing/able to go, and
I meant it.  Even the best Doctors and medical treatment can't predict the
future and they can't underestimate the spirit and drive that this little
boy (and his foster mom) have.

For those of you that know me, you know how afraid of pneumonia I am...but
you also know my dedication.  Twelve years ago, my Madison Rose, an
English bulldog, spent 3 wks at UPENN in an oxygen cage with pneumonia. 
Each day was a battle, and there were times that the Doctors didn't think
she would pull through...but no one on her team gave up...and eventually
she did come home to me.  Madison gave me an amazing 6 years of her life. 
We lived every day in fear of her aspirating, but we enjoyed each day and
cherished the time we had together.  Sadly, she passed away, unexpectedly
after 6 years...because she vomited and aspirated.  I miss her every day,
but my experience with her taught me to always keep going- and that is
what we are doing.

I enjoy Lentil so much, so I refuse to let this news make me sad in any
way. It's just making us stronger.  Thankfully, we have a huge support
group of doctors who are always available to us, and who will be ready to
go if a situation ever arises.  We have the backing by all of you, his
followers and donors, who are allowing us to continue this fight.  I
promise all of you that I will do everything I can, every day, to get this
bean to where he needs to be.  I know every noise he makes, every breathe
he takes, and I will be on top of any sign of something changing for the
worse.  I hope you are all comfortable in knowing that I will truly do
anything for this pup...he has taken my heart.  Each day has been, and
will be- a new challenge, but we will continue to update all of you and
celebrate the good things that come our way!  Today, Lentil is a pound! 
(1.1lbs) to be exact!  :)


  1. Talk about grace under pressure, you have the goods foster mom.

    Love every moment, Lentil. We are with you.

  2. Sending you so many hugs. I truly commend your courage and am so thankful that Lenny is in your care. No matter what happens, he will have been blessed to have been loved and cared for by somebody like you. Keep up the amazing work that you're doing!

  3. Praying for your strength and his as well! You can only do your best. Tnank you for the updates!!

  4. Sending you every good thought and wish and hope for Lentil's continued safety.

  5. Lentil must be graced to have you as his foster mommy

  6. Thanks soo much for the update! Thank god for you! We're behind little Lentil!!

  7. You are an inspiration for all frenchie owners and pet owners alike.

  8. Do you have an address we can send care packages to for Lentil??

    1. Hi Jessi! Thank you so much!! Although he is never "physically" there, the best place to send a package would be to STAR c/o Lentil 1030 N 2nd Street Unit 401 Philadelphia, Pa 19123. We appreciate it! <3

  9. Every time I read your posts I tear up! this little nugget is such a heart stealer! Just stay positive and know that their is a network for both of you. Let us know if the little guy needs things and we will try to get him what he needs! We are all pulling for this little AMAZING love bug and for you. You will both be in daily prayers and we know you are fighting the good fight, no doubt there! I know it is not easy! Just remember: STOP BREATHE REPEAT!

    THANK YOU for all you are doing so selflessly for this little ball of fur. Try to make the down time as fun as possible for him and know no matter what you gave him you LOVE and utmost heart!

    THANK YOU for all you are doing! You inspire me!


  10. I am following Lentil's story and you are such an amazing mom!! And he is such a strong brave little boy. There was a case in Edmonton a couple years ago where there was a puppy born with a similar deformity, she wasn't a Frenchie but maybe her story and her or her family could help here is a newspaper article about her and Keepsake was a trooper as well. Granted she still had her mom but Lentil has a skin mom and that is just as good. Her new family also kept up with a facebook page for her that you will find under Treeline's Keepsake. I followed Keepsake everyday through her journey and I will do the same with Lentil, keeping him in my prayers and thoughts. I can only hope that Keepsakes story will give you some extra hope! With all my Love Kara and Boston Harley

  11. I am in awe of you and your dedication in general but the love that you have in your heart is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey with us<3 Where can I tell people to donate?

  12. Thank you to everyone for all of the kind words. We are all in this together. A huge thank you to French Bulldog Rescue Network for making all of this even possible! Any monetary donations for Lentil can be made directly to him via FBRN website:

    hugs and kisses

  13. Oh Lentil! I don't know what to say except that you have captured my heart! You and your momma are Pawsome!! You need to get your own Facebook page so that people can follow your journey daily! Tell your momma she also needs to get you an Amazon wish list so that your fans can provide you with everything you need! Take care little one!

  14. Foster mom - you are amazing! I have every confidence in your dedication to the Lil Bean! Thank you for loving & caring for him, he is blessed to have you.

  15. Everyday I check this blog for Lenny updates and everyday I am brought to tears over how much you are doing for this special bean. Foster mom, you have a heart of gold and I admire your dedication and hard work! I'm rooting for the two of you all the way from Minnesota!

  16. This brought me to tears, your such an amazing person. I follow lenny everyday, I love FBRN and give money every change I have a little extra because of the amazing work they do. But he was so lucky to get you as a foster mom who is so dedicated and so poistive!

  17. I've been following your and Lentil's story and I am completely taken with him! He's got one more sponsor here. Thanks for having such a big heart and taking care of something so small that needs love. I'm praying he grows up big and strong. Good luck

  18. You are an ANGEL! I admire your dedication to this little guy and your strong attitude!! Good luck and I hope all of the positive support and comments help you push through!

  19. Sending our support from the UK your a fighter Lentil keep it up lad

  20. an attitude everyone can learn from... I am sending good wishes from CA to you and Lentil!

  21. My best wishes are with you and Lentil. Lentil is lucky to have someone like you - truly blessed!

    Dexter (2 yr old brindle frenchie)